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The employment process should clearly reflect in each stage the priority given to the mission and values of the Agency. Even before the interview process, which should lay great emphasis upon mission, culture and values alignment, advertisements for positions and the material sent to prospective employees should clearly articulate the organisation’s identity and mission.

Employment processes in Catholic Agencies usually entail at least the following elements:

  • A clear Agency Mission and Values Statement is in place and prominently displayed on the Agency website.
  • Advertisements follow a template which emphasises mission and values.
  • Position Descriptions follow a template which gives prominence to the mission and statement of values.
  • Questions at the forefront of the interview process are designed to emphasise the Agency’s emphasis on its mission and to elicit information about the candidate’s own values alignment with the Agency.
  • All follow up documents (job offers, contracts, letters of appointment etc.) restate the Agency’s commitment to mission and its values.
  • Initial Orientation to the Agency occurs soon after employment and lays stress on the Agency’s heritage, mission and Catholic identity.
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