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Deeper engagement

Deep engagement and commitment to identity and mission by staff at every level is essential for the sustainability of the work and ministries of Catholic organisations. This is especially true of the Chief Executive Officer and senior leaders without whose commitment the mission of a Catholic organisation will not be the guiding force and chief influence in shaping the life, work and direction of an Agency.

It is important that encouragement is given, especially to senior leaders, to explore at greater depth the connections between leadership and spirituality; to delve deeper into theological reflections on the key social issues of the day; to become familiar with basic Church History, Catholic Social Teaching and an understanding of the scriptural underpinnings of the religious charisms which influence the many health, education and community services provided by the Church.

Many organisations have their own resources to assist this development, including material developed by the various religious congregations.  Catholic Social Services has produced material over the years, including a recent paper 'Nourishing solidarity: celebrating Mass in a Catholic social services environment.'  
There are also many opportunities to undertake more structured engagement with identity and mission, including the following:
  1. Catholic Theological College (278 Victoria Parade East Melbourne): Diploma, degree and post graduate level courses in systematic theology, scripture, Christian spirituality, moral theology etc. Units include Catholic Social Teaching and Ethics and Healthcare.
  2. Yarra Theological Union (98 Albion Road Box Hill): Diploma, degree and post graduate courses as above (Catholic Theological College). Offers a social justice specialization, Dip.Soc.J. as well as courses in the history and development of Catholic Social thinking.
  3. Pilgrim Theological College(29 College Crescent Parkville): offers Diploma, degree and post graduate courses in a range of specialist areas of study.
  4. Trinity College Theological School(Royal Parade Parkville): Diploma, degree and post graduate courses as above.  www.trinity.unimelb.edu.au
  5. Campion Ignatian Spirituality Centre (99 Studley Park Road Kew) is offering two graduate spiritual leadership courses through Sentir at the University of Divinity, Melbourne.

    Online and distance education Courses
  1. MCD University of Divinity (Trinity College, Royal Parade Parkville): Diploma, degree and postgraduate level courses available at Trinity but also online for diploma and undergraduate level degrees.
  2. Broken Bay Institute (Pennant Hills, N.S.W.): Specialising in online and distance learning, Broken Bay Insisute is affiliated with the University of Newcastle, N.S.W. and offers theology at undergraduate and post graduate levels online.
  3. University of Newcastle, N.S.W. The theology faculty works in partnership with the Broken Bay Institute, sharing resources (courses and lecturers etc.). Specialises in distance, self directed learning and offers most theology courses online.  Offers a specialist course:  ‘Advanced Studies in Leadership for Mission’, (http://gradschool.edu.au/courses/details/RELT6020 ).

Catholic Social Services Victoria acknowledges the Traditional Custodians and their Elders in each of the Communities where we work. Click for our Reconciliation Vision
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