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Opening the Doors Foundation is celebrating 18 years on Sunday 4th August.

Opening the Doors Foundation is excited to celebrate their 18th birthday on Sunday 4th August. The Foundation has supported the educational needs of Aboriginal students since 2001 and continues to listen to the diverse voices of Aboriginal communities across Victoria.

The date coincides with National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day (https://aboriginalchildrensday.com.au/) which has marked the Foundation’s birthday every year since its small beginning. This year’s theme is SNAICC ……. Celebrating Our Children for 30 Years. In line with this, the Foundation continues to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children as the resilient leaders and thinkers of the future. There is a range of ways to celebrate and support Aboriginal children this August through organisations such as Opening the Doors Foundation.

In 2019 the Foundation has supported over 800 Aboriginal students from across Victoria to reach for their dreams through education. Keep an eye out for our activity report in September. You can subscribe to news and updates here: https://www.openingthedoors.org.au Donate here: https://www.openingthedoors.org.au/donate  to support the valuable education of Aboriginal children.

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