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Mission Inspired Leadership 2019

Applications are invited for the fifth series of the Mission Inspired Leadership program will be conducted during 2019.

The dates for the 2019 program are Thursday evenings: 21 March, 11 April, 16 May, 13 June. This makes it accessible to busy people who might not be able to enrol in longer, more extensive programs.

There are many aspects to leadership.  The call to leadership in a mission-inspired setting requires input and reflection on the implications of mission - and, in our case, the Catholic mission - for what an organisation does, and for how it does it. The Mission Inspired Leadership program is a professional development opportunity for leaders (Board members, managers and emerging leaders) in Catholic social services sector and related areas which focuses on this mission-oriented dimensions of leadership. Through a series of four workshop it offers a range of inputs and opportunities for reflection with colleagues from other organisations. 
The program in 2019 comprises:

21 MARCH  Leadership Practice in a Catholic Context                                     Cath Garner, Group Director Mission and Cabrini Outreach
11 APRIL    Leadership Influenced by Catholic Social Teaching                        Dr Sandie Cornish, Expert practitioner at www.social-spirituality.net 
13 JUNE     Building a Sustainable Mission-Driven Future                                Fr Frank Brennan SJ, CEO of Catholic Social Services Australia
16 MAY      Hearts and Minds: Engaging the whole organisation in Mission       Dr Lisa Connell, Delegate for Jesuit Social Ministries

We encourage all member organisations, and our colleagues from the Catholic health and education sectors, to make this program known to your Boards and management personnel and to actively encourage these personnel to attend this stimulating and empowering program of  reflection, dialogue and networking.

Recent participants had this to say: Really enjoyed it, motivated & energised me all sessions, want to learn more; exposure to new thinking and conversation and agree the sessions were very complementary; excellent discussions & learning from the group; peer learning as well as expert input; and stimulating dialogues, good challenges. 
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