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Catholic Social Services Victoria (CSSV) is very pleased to release its final report Prisoner-caregiving Programs: Supporting Older Prisoners, which CSSV hopes will provide a path forward for improving Victorian prisoner care. This is an exciting project which CSSV believes can bring considerable benefit to a group that experiences double vulnerability – aged and imprisoned.

In our final newsletter for 2020, Executive Director of Catholic Social Services Victoria Joshua Lourensz writes, "We have been a part of a truly remarkable policy and social landscape this year, and there have been some very real challenges being met and experienced by organisations across the CSSV membership. The path forward into the new year won’t be easy for many, but there is a good platform to build creative and holistic responses to the chronic and compounded issues that we have seen and continue to see so clearly demarcated."

Catholic Social Services Victoria is eager to promote job opportunities on offer within the sector. Each month we gather and highlight a number of job, board (or other) vacancies that we encourage you to spread among your networks. We hope this 'Job List' will become a valuable resource among our network. Please email us with any future job vacancies so that we can help share and promote this. 

Catholic Social Services Australia, urging the Commonwealth Government to reconsider its plans to decrease the rate of JobSeeker payments from January 1. CEO Ursula Stephens explains that the temporary increase to the payment due to COVID-19 had a positive impact on the wellbeing of recipients, but lowering the rate next month will resume a “long-term decline in the adequacy” of the payment.

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Catholic Social Services Victoria acknowledges the Traditional Custodians and their Elders in each of the Communities where we work. Click for our Reconciliation Vision
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