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About 50 colleagues and friends of Catholic Social Services Victoria gathered in the Cardinal Knox Centre in East Melbourne last night for the launch of Review, Reimagine, Renew: Mission making a difference in a changing world.

In the book, officially launched by Archbishop Denis Hart, leaders from Catholic social services and the broader church explore what it means to be a Catholic ministry, and what difference that makes to the communities being served.
On Sunday, 27 November 2016, the Catholic Church in Australia will commemorate the 30th Anniversary of the visit of Saint John Paul II to Australia in 1986. The Bishops Commission for Relations with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples (BCRATSIP) is calling on parishes, schools and communities to mark the anniversary of Saint John Paul's address to the Aboriginal community in Blatherskite Park, Alice Springs on 29 November 1986. 
President of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, Archbishop Denis Hart, has released a statement deploring the detention of our brothers and sisters on Nauru and Manus Island, stating it is time to bring offshore detainees here to Australia.

The peak body for Catholic Social Services in Victoria is calling for Manus Island and Nauru detention centres to be closed, and for those sent to these centres to be brought to Australia.

We know that this detention harms people, and uses them as means to another end.  The game changer is an emerging consensus that this detention is not needed to meet our immigration goals, and that Catholic and other communities are ready to assist more people to settle in Australia.

Review, Reimagine, Renew: Mission making a difference in a changing world, will be launched on Tuesday 25 October by Archbishop Hart.  
The challenge to make a real difference to those on the margins of Australian society are immense - intergenerational disadvantage, drug and alcohol challenges, increased inequality all cry out for renewed commitment to building a more just and compassionate country.  At the same time, rapid changes in Australian society, in the Church, and in the way Governments work all challenge faith-based organisations in their mission-inspired work.  This book illuminates the challenges and sheds light on the way forward.

The ACRATH calendar, first published in 2015, creates awareness of human trafficking globally and here in Australia. Copies of the 2017 calendar can now be ordered.
A well planned and well executed week of lobbying in Canberra is a feature of the work of Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans (ACRATH).
Cabrini Health is pleased with the progress of its new Asylum Seeker and Refugee Health Hub, located at 503 Sydney Road, Brunswick. Officially opened in April this year, its first client was a Medicare-ineligible asylum seeker from the Middle East—the client was seen by Professor Suresh Sundram who now conducts weekly psychiatry clinics at the Hub.
Congratulations to Jenny Glare, Manager of Heritage and Information Services at MacKillop Family Services, who received the ‘Robin Clark Leadership Award’ on Tuesday 6 September.  This prestigious award is made each year by the Victorian Government to recognise best practice and leadership in Victoria’s children, youth and families sector.
In the 2016 Social Justice Statement, released this week, the Australian Bishops challenge a ‘throw-away’ culture that casts older people as being burdensome or even dispensable. They strongly affirm the sanctity of life and call for a culture of compassionate care that values and protects people in their final years. The Bishops call for communities that foster solidarity among the generations and ensure older people have their rightful place at the table.

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