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The Melbourne Archdiocese continues to host a number of speakers from the Universal Church who will share their experience and insights on a variety of themes.

UnitingCare will create one of the largest community service organisations operating in Victoria and Tasmania under a new single governance structure aimed at strengthening its ability to support people in need throughout the two states.

With the Referendum Council about to begin its national consultation and the Recognise Campaign proceeding, Victorian Aboriginal communities have been meeting across Victoria to discuss treaties, constitutional recognition, sovereignty and self-determination. Listen to the different positions from a variety of experts, have your say and get those complex questions answered.

CentaCare Ballarat have participated in a study of mindfulness and empathy in public policy making.  Download report of that study.

On the 10 June a forum will be held on ‘how to apply the skill of mindfulness, the competency of empathy, and the motivation of compassion into the decision making of Australia’s political, industry, health, education and community sectors by bringing together leading thinkers, policy makers, practitioners and researchers in these areas.’ 

 In this article Kate Fulton discusses the support providers should be considering to ensure that change delivers better outcomes for those who will access support through the NDIS:

Providers must remember that people and families are not looking for simple suppliers. They are looking for partners who will work with them to co-design their supports and then deliver this design flexibly and in a way that evolves over time.”

The Catholic Bishops of Australia have issued a statement for the July Federal election.  The statement reaches beyond economic policy to ‘people discarded in this throwaway culture’, who include:

◾Refugees and asylum seekers

◾Indigenous people

◾The survivors of sexual abuse.

The statement notes that ‘to listen to God and to the voiceless is in the end the same thing.’  It calls on all Christians to listen to those on the margins, and to pray, ‘that we might be able to speak with a voice that is not just our own.’ 

Anti-Poverty Week 2016 begins on Sunday 16 October and finishes on Saturday 22 October. The United Nations has designated Saturday 17 October as International Anti-Poverty Day.
Host: Law Council of Australia
Venue: Country Court of Victoria Forecourt, 250 William Street Melbourne, Victoria

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