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Kids Off Nauru - Amnesty International Defending Human Rights

A message from Amnesty International.The photograph is of two-year-old George (name changed). He was born in an open-air prison on Nauru and he’s spent his entire life there. George is just one of the 117 children our government is imprisoning on Nauru. Medical workers say that some of the children are now so traumatised by their family’s prolonged imprisonment, they may die if they are not released from their island prison.
We rarely hear the names behind the numbers thanks to our government’s restrictions on reporting about offshore detention. But now, three medical workers who recently returned from Nauru have spoken out. They report children are displaying signs of severe trauma, with some unable to eat, drink, talk or interact with people, and others self-harming. It is now a medical imperative that the Australian Government evacuate these children. These kids deserve a childhood and they deserve the type of life that our government can give them in Australia. 
To read more and to sign the petition calling on the Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Leader of the Opposition Bill Shorten to bring these children and their families to Australia before Universal Children’s Day on November 20 - click here

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