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REVIEW, REIMAGINE, RENEW: Mission making a difference in a changing world

Melbourne, 24-26 February 2016 

Thanks to the 250+ participants in our February 2016 conference: Review, Reimagine, Renew: Mission making a difference in a changing world.  Much of the benefit of such gatherings is from the opportunity provided to engage with others there.  Speakers were insightful and challenging, and helped us focus on key issues, including family violence, how we behave as organisations, and our alignment with the Pope's lived narrative of mercy. Resources are being posted here to www.css.org.au/MissionRenew as they become available.  
Click here to listen to a podcast of John Cleary's ABC radio show on 28 February. This conference wrap up with Denis Fitzgerald, Marcelle Mogg and Maria Harries covered issues including the Year of Mercy, protecting children within institutions, and building a more compassionate society.
Barrister Julian McMahon delivered the Mary Mackillop Oration at the #MissionRenew conference on 25 February. His theme was courage, and speaking truth to power. His narrative around the final days of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran was deeply moving and inspirational. Read John Allen's account of Julian's speech: Click here to read about the Conference mass and Julian McMahon's Mary Mackillop Oration (pictured).
Click here to read an article about the Confronting Family Violence: A Challenge for the Church to make a difference forum held on 24 February.  Panel members included, Joce Bignold, Paul Linossier, Sr Michelle Reid, Donella Johnston and Charlie King (pictured).
 Bishop Vincent Long responded to the presentations and discussion.
Keynote Speaker John Allen Jr discussed how Pope Francis’ papacy provides a Magna Carta for Catholic Social Services. Allen, Associate Editor of Crux, said, this Magna Carta includes; firstly the Holy Father’s passion for those on the peripheries namely the poor, refugees and homeless among others. Secondly, his deep missionary concept of the Church, ‘to get out of the sacristy and onto the streets’, and finally, his focus on mercy and being merciful. Click here for the video of John Allen's address.  Click here and here for articles on thee address. 
A panel of sector leaders then reflected on aspects of mission and the future:  click here for video coverage of John Falzon, Deb Tsorbaris, Al Curtin and Jayne Lloyd. 
Julie Edwards, CEO of Jesuit Social Services, delivered a keynote on Hearts and Minds together for action – making
a difference in a changing world. Click here for the video.
Pre-Conference Material 

Melbourne, 24-26 February 2016

‘We are called constantly to improve and to grow in rapport and wisdom, in order to fully carry out mission’ - Pope Francis
‘Review, reimagine, renew: Mission making a difference in a changing world’ aimed to equip leaders, practitioners and supporters to set new directions wisely, make difficult decisions, and build their networks for mission-impact by:
• providing valuable opportunities for reflection and spiritual development;
• strengthening connections and information sharing; and
• capacity building to create change for the common good.
The conference engaged with a range of relevant themes to equip attendees to approach renewal in social services with innovation in a changing environment. 
In addition to the broader themes of mission, impact and the challenges of solidarity today, leaders from our sector and beyond helped us address specific challenges such as institutional child abuseengagement with Indigenous Australians; and, the role of the Church in addressing the scourge of family violence. Content also included Catholic Social Teaching in action, and sustainability for mission-impact ('The Mission or the Money – or both?' with Tony Nicholson CEO of Brotherhood of St Laurence). 
Information including conference material and presentations:
• Lucia Brick on (03) 9287 5566 lucia.brick@css.org.au 
All the information (including sponsors)

On 24 February, a public forum at the Australian Catholic University (ACU), Melbourne, will explore how the Catholic Church, through its parishes and organisations, can play a significant role in combating family violence.


There are some special arrangements for groups and people who might find it challenge to get to the conference.
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