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 Click here for a reflection from Anne Astin on some broader trends and developments - in international development – food supply, affluence and trade – and on challenges and issues for Catholic social services.  These were part of a presentation to a planning day for Catholic Social Services Victoria on 9 December 2016.
Welcoming of refugees, loving care for those who are dying, standing up for rehabilitation of young people in detention, focusing on our common humanity and not differences in religion or nationality: not the sort of headlines that we see around the world these days. But that is what Christians are called to do. Catholic social services work to build a society where these values are the norm.
Click here for a reflection from Helen Cooney, who asks who are the vulnerable people in our changing environment. This is based on remarks from Helen, a member of Council at Catholic Social Services Victoria, to a December 2016 planning day.
Click here to listen to Fiona Basile reflecting on photography, faith and life:  we are fortunate that, among other things, Fiona assists with communications at Catholic Social Services Victoria
Catholic Social Services Victoria recently expressed concern that ‘affordable housing must be our focus, not vilifying rough sleepers’. Media reports (The Age, Tough love in new rough sleeping strategy for Melbourne's CBD, January 27, 2017) have stated that, via an emergency response package of $9.8-million, ‘rough sleepers’ in Melbourne's CBD will be offered "guaranteed" accommodation by the Victorian government. The Age reports that soup kitchens and other street services could be cut back in a tougher and more co-ordinated approach to tackling the homelessness crisis.
We need to focus on the availability of safe, affordable and secure housing, rather than vilify people who don’t have adequate access to housing. Many of these people need a safe, affordable home in a friendly community, and some need decent regular work. Others need specialist attention. We are not talking about rubbish that needs to be 'cleaned out'. 

But comment and media coverage of rough sleepers in Melbourne has tended to focus on the short term. Victorian homelessness, housing and social services organisations have responded.


Denis Fitzgerald reflects on a suggestion from John Allen that in Pope Francis we have ‘in flesh and bone, a Magna Carta for Catholic social services.’

Denis Fitzgerald outlines Pope Francis' Message for the 50th World Day of Peace, on 1 January 2017, which focuses on the centrality of non-violence, within the home as well as between nations.
Denis Fitzgerald outlines Pope Paul VI's key contributions towards enshrining working for world peace as a priorityfor the international community.

Catholic Social Services Victoria acknowledges the Traditional Custodians and their Elders in each of the Communities where we work.
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