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Corpus Christi Community Greenvale cook recognised for cooking excellence

Corpus Christi Community Greenvale is delighted to introduce Domenic Savoca, Assistant Cook at Corpus Christi’s Community in Greenvale. Domenic is the latest recipient of The OSCARS Recognition of Excellence program. OSCAR Care Group recognises Domenic’s excellence and cooking innovation when he creates professionally presented meals and personally serves them to residents to ensure that they enjoy them. Prior to joining the team at Corpus Christi, Domenic was a baker for 26 years and also worked in restaurants.

He has brought his innovative food presentation style to his role, because he shares that “the new generation of Residents expect quality; they will eat more if it looks great!” The Residents benefit from Domenic’s baking experience, when he prepares freshly baked bread & amazing desserts.

Domenic was inspired to share his culinary skills at Corpus Christi Community by his Mother, Pasqualina, who has been a volunteer there for 10 years! Corpus Christi Support Service Manager, Krunal Sheth agrees that Domenic is a well-deserving recipient of The OSCARS Recognition of Excellence, because of “his exemplary never-say-no attitude, willingness to listen & pride in his work.”

As well as ensuring that each meal is well-presented for his Residents, Domenic takes care of their dietary requirements. He prepares meals for those who require texture modified diets according to IDDSI guidelines, and carefully ensures allergens are managed too.

Domenic asks for Residents’ feedback after each meal. He encourages them to collect their meals from the counter which also gives him the opportunity to chat with each Resident daily.

Through the Corpus Christi Menu, Domenic and his kitchen team celebrate special monthly cultural days including St Patrick’s Day, Easter & Christmas. The multicultural dishes they create include Italian, Indonesian, Indian, Greek & Australian cuisine.

Domenic shares the hard-working, kind & humble ideals of Corpus Christi founder, Mother Teresa. After 4 years with the Kitchen Team cooking for the 90 Residents, Domenic has made many work friends and values each of them. He humbly credits his workmates with inspiring his excellent work ethos.

“I want to thank Asha for being my mentor, Sujai & Rachel for their great advice & Palak, Aziz, Kiran, Foram & Peter for their wonderful help.”

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