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Wellsprings for Women hosts Minister for Women visit

Wellsprings for Women hosted a visit by the Honourable Gabrielle Williams MP, Minister for Women in the Victorian Government on Friday 5th of March. Other VIPs also attended including the Chair of Victorian Multicultural Commission, Viv Nguyen; CEO of Family Safety Victoria, Eleri Butler; CEO of Think Impact, Suzi Young; and Member of the Governance Committee of the Harmony Alliance: Migrant and Refugee Women for Change, Maria Dimopoulos. Chair of Wellsprings for Women, Janet Cribbes, and a number of Board members attended the special day. They included Joy Marrocco, Carmel Collins and Georgia Prattis. 

The Minister was shown around Wellsprings for Women, with emphasis being the new kitchen, which was funded through the Multicultural Infrastructure grant. The Minister then listened to a Wellsprings presentation regarding the Women’s Support program. Minister Williams addressed the meeting expressing her support for Wellsprings and appreciation for all the work they do to assist women to take charge of their lives. The meeting kicked off International Women’s Day following a very sombre week in terms of events going on in politics at a national level.

Wellsprings looks forward to the cultural change within all of our workplaces, including the Australian parliament, to make them safe and welcoming for all women.  

Photographs courtesy North Rem, a volunteer at Wellsprings for Women.

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