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Wellsprings increasing skills, knowledge and connection with online gatherings

Wellsprings for Women is hosting a couple of online courses over coming weeks, as well as an opportunity for women (only) to connect in its 'At the Well' series.
The first online course is on 'Making Australia Home'. It is run every Tuesday, from 11:00am - 12:30pm, with the next one taking place on Tuesday 18th August, and each Tuesday afterwards, to 15th September 2020. Course topics include 'Australia and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people', 'mental health', 'COVID-19' and other topics. 
The second online course is for resume writing and job interviewing skills. Participants will be able to learn how to write a resume that stands out, and learn how to conduct themselves in a professional interview. The course takes place every Wednesday, 19th August to 16 September, from 11am-1pm. 
The courses are taking place online via Google Classroom and Zoom. 
The third online gathering is for women only and is part of Wellsprings' 'At the Well' series, which provides an opportunity for women to connect with other women. Each week the gathering will provide a platform to share stories, hope and concerns, support each other, learn new information, get updates on lockdowns, restrictions and where to seek help. Sessions will include guest speakers, facilitators, activities and lots of laughter! This is held every Thursday, starting August 20. To join, please use the Zoom link - Meeting ID: 857 0639 3497. Passcode: 1.
For more information, email indri@wellspringsforwomen.com or phone (03) 9701 3740.

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