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New book details journey of Aboriginal Catholic Ministry Victoria

Aboriginal Catholic Ministry Victoria has recently launched a new book, The Seed Has Grown: Our Story 1997 - 2019. As detailed on the flyer, the book outlines the incredible journey of Aboriginal Catholic Ministry in Victoria.
It states, "At Aboriginal Catholic Ministry Victoria, we strive to continue to see Pope John Paul II's words come to fruition:
'The Church herself in Australia will not be fully the Church Jesus wants until you have made your contribution and until that contribution is joyfully received."
"We continue to contribute, but we are waiting to be received.
"The Aboriginal Catholic Ministry is what a true model of Reconciliation looks like - black feet, white feet proudly walking together in the footsteps of our Aboriginal Ancestors."
The book costs $25 + $10 p/h.
For enquiries and book orders, email Aboriginal Catholic Ministry Victoria
Download flyer, here

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