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Make a donation today, 22 April, and have 3x impact for kids

MacKillop Family Services' annual #Paws4Kids campaign aims to raise funds to help kids who've been through childhood trauma to feel safe and to learn again by using therapy dogs.
According to MacKillop Family Services, "Dogs have the power to transform lives ... when it comes to children, dogs help kids to heal, engage and build confidence". 
Any donations made on Wednesday 22 April will be tripled until MacKillop reaches its goal of $300,000 so donors will have 3x the impact making a donation to the campaign.
For more info, and to donate, go to www.paws4kids.org.au
About the dogs (from left to right):
MacKillop calls its Canine Assisted Learning Program funded by Paws4Kids, "Paw Pals". The Paw Pals team currently includes a teacher, a youth worker and three active therapy dogs.
Ivee: Ivee is a seasoned therapy dog with over two years' experience with MacKillop Family Services' Paw Pals program. A trait that helps children related well to Ivee is her nurturing approach, After a few consistent sessions, Ivee gives people her paw - which is Ivee saying, IOI trust you, can we be friends?" When Ivee needs to unwind after a long day, she loves to run along the beach.  
Justice: Justice is currently on her therapy god learner plates, training very hard over the last eight months to get her full certification. Justice has a calm, friendly nature that children gravitate to. After a hard day in the office, you can often find Justice unwinding by playing with Ivee (MacKillop's other therapy dog) at the MacKillop office. 
Indie: Indi is the youngest of MacKillop's therapy dogs. She is currently undergoing training to become a therapy dog and she can't wait as she already enjoys her sessions with young learners. Indie is very good at reading a person's emotional state. She reflects the energy of those she's with, so is great at teaching children the impact of their behaviour. Indie loves to unwind by playing with her best friend Justice, receiving attention and enjoying a good old fashioned pat. 

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