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Anti-Poverty Week Lunchtime Conversation and Ecumenical Prayer Service

Catholic Social Services Victoria held its annual 2019 Anti-Poverty Week Lunchtime Conversation on Tuesday 15 October at the Cardinal Knox Centre, East Melbourne. The Conversation this year was facilitated by Dr Nick Halfpenny, Director of Policy and Research at MacKillop Family Services.
Nick shared his research and ideas around poverty, vulnerability and a focus on children – messages from the margins. One of MacKillop’s primary service provisions is out-of-home-care for young people across Victoria and New South Wales. Nick facilitated an engaging and challenging conversation around the continuing efforts to improve outcomes for some of our most vulnerable children and young people.
Twelve people gathered for this conversation and were actively engaged in their listening and responses to Nick’s presentation of how one of CSSV’s larger member organisations are continually investigating and evaluating how they can better  and more safely respond to the complex needs of young people and families they serve.
Many thanks to Nick for his time and expertise in presenting an honest and challenging overview of one way in which we as Catholic social services are striving to genuinely and holistically respond to children in ‘poverty’ in our society. This event was a most suitable issue to reflect upon in the Anti Poverty Week space.
Following the Lunchtime Conversation, people stayed on for the Ecumenical Prayer Service conducted by CSSV in collaboration with the Social Questions Commission of the Victorian Council of Churches. This annual event is an opportunity in a busy workday to stop for a period of reflection and prayer and to ask for God’s ever-merciful and loving care for those who are most vulnerable and marginalised within our society. Anti-Poverty Week invites us to come together to continue to raise our awareness of and commitment to those among us who are trapped in complex cycles of poverty and marginalisation.

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