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Latest news and upcoming events in Catholic social services' August newsletter

Our August newsletter is full of the latest news in Catholic social services Victoria, and also features a large number of upcoming events, both from us and our members, such as Jesuit Social Services, MacKillop Family Services, McAuley Community Services for Women, CatholicCare, ACRATH and Wellsprings for Women, to name a few.
We eagerly await the visit from renowned author and speaker, Chris Lowney, who will be with us in Melbourne and Ballarat from 5-11 September.
Tickets are still on sale for our annual Catholic Social Services Victoria dinner on Friday 30 August, and early bird registrations have now opened for our 2020 national Catholic social services conference, Serving Communities with Courage and Compassion, in Melbourne from 26-28 February.
Get all of the latest news and events info, here.

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