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McAuley's submissions on behalf of women impact by violence

McAuley's Submission on Mental Health
McAuley Community Services for Women has used its deep understanding of the inter-connecting issues facing women and children who are experiencing family violence and homelessness to contribute a submission to Victoria's Royal Commission into Mental Health Services. It has included the voices of women who have told them what works, and doesn't work, in the mental health services they have used over the years.

In its submission, McAuley has argued that there is a general lack of understanding of what community mental health support is. This contributes to a lack of appreciation of the essential role that services such as ours play in restoring mental health. McAuley Community Services for Women is not classified as a clinical mental health service, yet a focus on mental wellbeing is at the core of everything we do.

McAuley is hopeful that the Royal Commission will incorporate a broad view of all the factors that impact on mental health, and the range of comprehensive community supports that are needed, rather than narrowly focusing on clinical mental health service provision. 
McAuley's Submission on Family Violence and Employment
As the only Australian family violence agency which also offers employment support, McAuley has also contributed a submission to a Victorian Parliamentary inquiry. The Victorian Legislative Assembly Economy and Infrastructure Committee are investigating the topic of sustainable employment for disadvantaged jobseekers.
As McAuley has operated an employment support service for women for most of the past nine years, it has a unique perspective on some of the challenges women face. Ninety-four per cent of the women supported by McAuley Works over the past two years have experienced family violence. Many are still facing an immediate threat of violence. This has a significant impact on their ability to be ‘job-ready’, and some women have had to leave jobs because the perpetrator has tracked them down. Read more...

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