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30 July marks World Day Against Trafficking in Persons

On 30 July we mark the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons. Please consider a donation to our member organisation, Australian Catholic Religious Against the Trafficking in Humans (ACRATH) so that it can continue its work with the community towards the elimination of human trafficking in Australia, the Asia Pacific region, and globally.
The following case study gives you an indication of one of the ways in which your donation will assist the work of ACRATH.
Maria was only 22 when she responded to an advertisement with a job agency in Malaysia. She arrived in Sydney to start work as a domestic helper in a home. Her dreams of a job earning her enough money to help her family at home, turned into a nightmare. She was locked up in the home and sexually exploited over a long period.

Maria escaped and through the Australian Federal Police was linked to an ACRATH Companionship volunteer.  This volunteer has supported Maria for the past eight years. With her support, guidance and companionship Maria has:
* Learned excellent English
* Engaged in study
* Worked in her chosen career
* Established a family, including two children
* Navigated the court system to receive Victims of Crime compensation
* Become an Australian citizen
“Maria was flying solo when she came here. Now she has a network of people in her life, including me. We talk as friends now, but I  still offer support when it is needed,” the ACRATH volunteer said. “She turned her life around.”
“It’s been my privilege to be part of her recovery journey.”
An ACRATH policy has been developed, which guides the work of the Companionship volunteers, and volunteers receive mentoring from a qualified social worker and psychologist.
Note: Details of the woman and the volunteer have been altered to protect the identity of the woman.
Read more about ACRATH's efforts to eliminate forced marriage, as well as what you can do, here.

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