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Addressing the needs of those on the margins is core business for an inclusive economy

Addressing the needs of those on the margins should be part of core business for an inclusive economy, where all can flourish. Catholic Social Services Victoria has identified priority areas for further investment in the 2019 Victorian Budget, in a submission made to the Treasurer.
It includes calls to:
  • Increase investment to ensure the provision of an additional 3,000 new social and public housing dwellings per year for the next 10 years and increase funding for the provision of housing support and homelessness services to address the immediate and growing housing needs across Victoria.
  • Increase funding to clinical mental health services in Victoria to the same or above national averages (1.8 per cent per capita) and restore funding to the community mental health services to ensure service provision during the Royal Commission into Mental Health.
  • Build safe communities by expanding investment in prevention, early intervention and rehabilitation at all stages of the criminal justice system through extension of programs such as the Judy Lazarus Transition Centre and Restorative Justice Conferencing for young people. In addition, sustain investment to address adolescent family violence.
  • Commit to addressing place based disadvantage in regional Victoria through long-term investment, to co-design and implement local solutions that have a long term positive impact.
The 2019-20 State Budget is an important opportunity for the Government to include measures that:
  • address the issues that cause disadvantage such as the lack of affordable housing, access to education, health services and employment opportunities
  • meet the infrastructure needs of Victoria’s future, particularly where there can be a positive impact on the wellbeing of vulnerable Victorians
  • ensure a just social and economic structure, which includes addressing the cost of living pressures facing Victorians
  • ensure that services and funding meet the needs of those who are disadvantaged or marginalised and adequately protects their rights.
Victoria has seen unprecedented and sustained economic growth for over two decades. While most Victorians have benefited from this growth, some have not and continue to fall behind, affecting health and wellbeing outcomes. We need service responses that provide people with the help they need, when they need it and at the intensity they need it.
Jesuit Social Services: Marginalised jobseekers must be a key focus of Victorian State Budget
The Victorian Government’s 2019/20 State Budget is an opportunity to ensure that jobseekers who face significant barriers to employment aren’t overlooked, says Jesuit Social Services. In its submission to the 2019/20 Victorian State Budget, the organisation calls for expanded investment into Victorian jobs initiatives such as Jobs Bank and Jobs Victoria Employment Network.

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