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1835 The Founding of Melbourne and conquest of Australia - Sunday 24 March 3.00pm

Author James Boyce’s award winning book 1835 presents a vivid picture of white settlement in Melbourne. James Boyce will explore the themes in his book at an event on  Sunday 24 March 2019 at 3:00pm.

The book traces the settling of land by squatters, the power play in Hobart, Sydney and London and the dispossession of Aboriginal peoples. With his fresh approach to the nation’s history, Boyce asks the question: could it have been different? With his first book, Van Diemen’s Land, Boyce introduced an utterly fresh approach to the nation’s history. “In re-imagining Australia’s past,” Richard Flanagan wrote, “it invents a new future.” 1835 continues this untold story.  ‘Anyone who calls Melbourne home – in fact anyone who calls Australia home – should read this book.’ —Peter Mares.

Location: St Kilda Town Hall
Cost: $20
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