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Significant benefits of pastoral care confirmed in new report

A new report recently released by researchers at Australian Catholic University confirms the significant benefits of pastoral care to hospital patients and aged care residents. The report, What are the benefits of Pastoral Care to hospital patients and aged care residents?, adds to the
emerging literature on the impact of pastoral care in hospital and aged care settings.

While those working in this area know intuitively that pastoral care practitioners provide hospital patients and aged care residents with support that enhances their wellbeing, there is surprisingly little research into this important area of care. This unique Australian research project sought to better understand the perspectives of people who receive support from pastoral care practitioners.

The findings will have impact for understanding and improving services, recognising and acknowledging the contribution this dedicated group of professionals make to the wellbeing of the community, and demonstrating the benefits of care in order to retain and expand funding for the provision of services.

Read more about the report, here.

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