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Introducing GriefLine's Children & Youth Counselling programs

We are pleased to announce that GriefLine, one of our Catholic Social Services Victoria Member Organisations, has recently received funding for new children and youth counselling programs.

The Children & Youth Counselling program provides a safe space for children/youths who are experiencing loss, grief & trauma as a consequence of issues such as family violence, parental conflicts, bereavement, family illness, bullying, anxiety & school refusal. The sessions are tailor-made to suit the individual children and their interests. Using a family therapy & person centred perspective, activities such as puppetry, painting, crafts, therapeutic board games, play therapy are used to gently encourage them express their emotions, understand their thoughts & feelings and together find ways to manage them. This often includes collaboration with the child/youth’s support network such as family members, school, GPs, psychologists & social workers.

Click here for GriefLine Children's Program.
What About Me! – Is a 6-week support group aimed at primary school aged children. This workshop focuses on children who have had a significant loss, a sibling/parent with an illness, experienced bullying or lacking confidence or social skills. This safe & friendly space allows children to interact with peers, express their emotions, learn coping strategies & build resilience. The workshop involves 90minute sessions packed with fun-filled activities, a movie night & a day of celebration, appreciating the uniqueness of each child.
If you know a child or family who may benefit from these programs, please contact the GriefLine office.
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