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New Tool Giving a Voice to Older People with Dementia

An innovative tool is helping aged care residents living with dementia to be heard, and make their end of life journey meaningful to them.

Not-for-profit aged and disability organisation Villa Maria Catholic Homes (VMCH) has seen some excellent results for residents with dementia since using the screening tool this year.

Developed by national peak body Meaningful Ageing Australia, and based on the work of Dr. Julie Fletcher, ConnecTo is a flexible spiritual screening tool used by pastoral care practitioners at VMCH to measure what gives a person’s life meaning and purpose, by identifying their spiritual and social interests. 

VMCH pastoral care practitioner Sr. Lorraine Testa has made the ConnecTo tool more accessible for people living with dementia, by using iimages and behavioural observations.   More information on this new tool can be found here.




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