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Hearing, Healing and Hope; essential for Catholic social services moving forward

The upcoming Catholic social services conference, Hearing Healing Hope (21-23 February 2018) aims to provide a space and opportunity to gather to reflect, discuss and plan nationally, the way forward for our sector, for our organisations, and for us as individuals. While social service organisations are an outstanding example of the Catholic church in action in Australia, we face many challenges in our quest to hear, heal and provide hope.
The program for Friday morning (23 February) aims to particualrly address these issues in particular:

We commence at 7.45am for a working breakfast discussing the Catholic Church’s Plenary 2020. This working breakfast will provide an opportunity
for the Catholic social services sector to provide input into this process. What can we contribute as individuals, as agencies and as a sector? How can we strengthen our work in reaching out to the most vulnerable and marginalised in our communities, and in enhancing human flourishing, which is indispensable to the nature of the church (Deus Caritas #25)? 

This is followed by a forum on Responding to abuse, ensuring safety and dedication to service, which focuses on how the Catholic social services sector has responded to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse, and how we will continue to respond in a way that ensures safety of children and vulnerable persons, and dedication to service.

Informed by the conference presentations and the wisdom in the room expressed in discussions, Fr Frank Brennan SJ, CEO of Catholic Social Services Australia will lead the final official forum of the conference, with all conference participants on how the sector moves forward as a beacon of healing and hope. Participants are invited to contribute to developing that agenda through small group interaction and feedback. It will seek to foster a spirit of moving forward collaboratively and innovatively to build the Kingdom through advancing the ministries across the Catholic social services and other Catholic sectors in response to the ‘signs of the times’.

View the full program, here.
Online registrations have now closed. For any registration queries, please email Lucia.Brick@css.org.au 

Catholic Social Services Victoria acknowledges the Traditional Custodians and their Elders in each of the Communities where we work.
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