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The Silent Book

Congratulations to Sr Bernadette Wallis MSS who is in the midst of launching The Silent Book. The book is a tribute to her family and the disappearing Australian-Irish Sign Language, as well as to the broader deaf community and its families.

Based in Melbourne, Sr Bernadette is well known in the deaf community. During the launches, she has been reading some of her poetry, which wonderfully and rhythmically captures the world of those who are deaf and those who know them well.  The following excerpt is taken from Sr Bernadette's poem Silent Sound.
Can you watch a raging sea crashing against the rocks and hear their silence?

Can you stand on the railway platform and through the tunnel hear the silent roar

of the train speeding as the wind presses against your body?

Can you bodily hear music through the timber dance floor of the old church hall

or the organ strongly played in the parquetry-floored chapel?

Can you hear as you sit to watch the silent television the passing by of the rubbish truck

through the vibrations in the arms of the redwood chair?

Can you walk slowly along the beach and in the silence visually hear

the ebb and flow of waves that never stop?

Can your tiny baby’s eyes tell you in the silence that she can hear the dog bark outside

or that someone rang the doorbell?............

All proceeds from the sale of The Silent Book are going to the John Wallis Foundation. For more information, click here.

Further information can also be found on the Missionary Sisters of Service homepage.
SYDNEY: Sunday 7 August, 12pm at Lidcombe Catholic Club, through The Ephpheta Centre.
BRISBANE: Tuesday 9 August, 7.30pm, at Mt Carmel Parish Hall, Coorparoo
TOOWOOMBA: Wednesday 10 August, 7.30pm, at St Anthony's Parish Hall
BUDERIM: Friday 12 August, 2pm, at St Mary's.

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