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What to do if you miss #MissionRenew – survival guide

Just like the Melburnians who missed the David Bowie exhibition ... you’ll be kicking yourself not having booked in to #MissionRenew. This is a handy pre-emptive guide for those who won’t be attending this important landmark conference.
Just express a simple heartfelt message – to yourself and colleagues. 
A simple ‘I'm sorry’ will suffice. 
Recognise that even though the conference explored the implications of changes in many aspects of the work of Catholic social services – including changes in the Church, in organisations themselves, in Australian society, and the relations between Governments, not-for-profits and for-profit providers – that sometimes you can just miss the mark.
Explain to others what has been going on for you. We are sure that they will understand. 
Don't be hard on yourself
Don’t be too hard on yourself. You weren’t to know that international speaker John L Allen would electrify conference attendees with his insightful analysis of all things Catholic. 
You can always read an interview online
Resolve to never do it again
We all make mistakes. The point is to resolve to not make the same ones again and again. 
Read the conference book. Make sure you keep up to date with things so you can book early next time (and most likely get a discount). All is not lost.
However ...
If you are by chance reading ahead of the conference kicking off - here are all the details.  

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