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Diversity a prerequisite for #MissionRenew – youth bursaries now available

"What does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God." - Micah 6:8 
Catholic social services in Australia stands with, and serves, young people who are experiencing poverty, disadvantage and marginalisation as we work towards a more just, equitable and compassionate society. For the network to stand with all those suffering disadvantage we need to ensure diversity of involvement so all can have a say about the development of this work of the Church.  
“I can tell them some of my problems and they help.” - comment from a young person accessing MacKillop Family Services  
Compassion for young people suffering disadvantage is not an added optional extra to the Gospel of Christ. As international authority on Vatican matters John L Allan points out this is a key plank of the message of the Holy Father, Pope Francis. Indeed the Holy Father’s energising call to draw near to new forms of poverty and vulnerability is a Gospel principle, and in truth, "all recent popes have emphasised the importance of the option for the poor."
It’s not good enough to just provide services to young people. It’s important that young people are included in our network discussions and that Catholic social services also hears from practitioners who are undertaking specialised youth work in a range of vitally important areas - from drug and alcohol rehabilitation through to helping those at risk of homelessness. 
That’s why, together with the Melbourne Archdiocesan Office for Youth, Catholic Social Services Victoria is offering bursaries i.e. heavily discounted tickets for interested young people and youth workers to attend an important upcoming conference which is being held in Melbourne on 24-26 February 2016. The conference, ‘Review Reimagine Renew: Mission making a difference in a changing world’, focuses on the ideas and approaches needed to renew justice and mission-directed social service work in contemporary Australia.  
Some highlights of the conference will include: 
  • Hearts and Minds together for action – making a difference in a changing world - with the inspiring Julie Edwards, CEO, Jesuit Social Services
  • Caring for creation - with Jacqui Remond CEO, Catholic Earthcare Australia
  • Putting child safety first - with Micaela Cronin CEO, MacKillop Family Services
  • Communicating the Good News in a changing world - with John L Allen Jr (quoted above) - a renowned author and journalist
  • Really making a difference to poverty - with Marcelle Mogg CEO, Catholic Social Services Australia
  • Supporting recently arrived communities - with Tomasa Morales (CatholicCare) and Deacon George Piech.
There are six bursaries available – three for youth workers and three for young people who feel inspired to contribute to the conversation about renewing mission for all in our community. 
  • 6 bursaries available as discounted tickets - $110 each (ordinary tickets for all sessions $310 plus $60 for dinner and $80 Catholic Social Teaching masterclass with Fr Frank Brennan). 
For information about these special bursaries contact Lucia Brick on (03) 9287 5566 lucia.brick@css.org.au 
For general information on the conference click here.  

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