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Family Violence: Building a safer community

Click here for the submission to the Victorian Royal Commission on Family Violence. Thanks to our Working Party for work on this, and for our ongoing project to play our part in building a safer community.

As our submission reflects:
"Family violence presents as a crisis in our community – women are dying.  A crisis response is therefore needed.  But it is also a long-standing issue, affecting a large proportion of society, and all parts of the community.  A response on a broad front, to address long term issues, is thus also needed.

Our goal is a society where people are safe in their families and their close relationships; where violence and abuse are not culturally acceptable; and where all relationships respect the dignity of each person.  Education and cultural changes are needed to achieve this, and to build a culture of right relationships.

"Our goal is a suite of responses to abuse and of support for victims which empowers people in danger to take protective steps, which provides them with protection, and helps rebuild lives; a system which ensures the safety of victims while enabling offenders to change attitudes and behaviours.

"This submission was developed in consultation with our member organisations that provide support and other services for victims of family violence, and with other members with expertise across the social services spectrum.  It builds on the principles of Catholic social teaching, which include that respect for the inherent dignity of each person is central to our understanding of community, and this identity gives each person rights and obligations, which must be respected by others."

Thanks also to Patricia Faulkner and all who participated in our 2 June 2015 briefing and discussion with Patricia, a member of the Royal Commission into family violence. Click here for a copy of the issues paper from the Royal Commission. 


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