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Ideas and enthusiasm about faith and community services

Ideas and enthusiasm generated by forum on faith-based organisations and community services

Thanks to all for an informative and challenging review of the role of Church-based agencies in Australia today.  Patrice Scales, Rev Olivia McLean, Marilyn Webster, Denis Fitzgerald at the forum
Around 50 people from a range of Churches and agencies gathered at Catholic Social Services on Monday 29 July 2013. Rev Ray Cleary spoke about the historical contribution of Churches to Australian society, and of the opportunities and challenges today to work for social justice, and to build on the contribution of a workforce diverse in its faith commitment, but rich in its motivation and commitment.  Captain Jason Davies-Kildea reflected on the strengths of faith-based community service organisations, and on the challenges facing Churches, and those facing community service organisations generally.   Other speakers, and participants generally, attested to the strength and diversity of the sector, and the reality of both opportunities and challenges that need to be engaged with.

Click here for a flyer, and click here for details of program and presenters.
Click here for keynote address by Captain Jason Davies-Kildea from The Salvation Army, here for address by Rev Ray Cleary, and here for a paper by Marilyn Webster.
Photo:  Patrice Scales, facilitator, and panel members Rev Olivia McLean, Marilyn Webster, Denis Fitzgerald.


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