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Sacred Heart Mission recognized for innovation in addressing homelessness

Congratulations to all at Sacred Heart Mission on their receipt on 1 May 2013 of a National Homelessness Services Achievement Award for the pioneering Journey to Social Inclusion program, aimed at ending long-term homelessness. As CEO Cathy Humphrey reports:
Sacred Heart Mission developed the Journey to Social Inclusion pilot based on research from Australia and overseas and the Mission’s own experience. Our aim was to design and demonstrate a model that would permanently end a person’s long term homelessness.
We believe this pilot and its evaluations has the potential to significantly change the way in which we as a society work with people who are chronically homeless and in doing so, provide an opportunity to significantly reduce the numbers of Australians who are chronically homeless. 
To create a future you need to unpack the past, and we do this at Sacred Heart by providing the right support at the right time, taking the journey with the individual. We know that this works and have demonstrated this in the J2SI pilot. We know that with the right investment we can help make a significant difference in a person’s life and create a future that enables them to participate socially and economically in Australian life.
We know what it takes to end long term homelessness, we have developed the evidence base and this inspires me and the Mission to see a future for the people we work with beyond a life of existence and survival.
It is great have this significant work recognized and so congratulations to the many people that have been involved in this Journey.

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