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The St Vincent de Paul Society Victoria is hosting the 2016 Just Art Exhibition titled 'Asylum Seekers - Stories of Humanity' from 26-30 August. It will feature more than 250 artworks including visual art, media, performing arts and creative writing, created by members of the Victorian community, advocating for a more humane response to people seeking asylum in Australia.
The Home Stretch is a national campaign, formed to influence the Victorian government to change the current leaving care arrangements for young people from 18 to 21 years-old, which will increase the likelihood of successful transition into adulthood. 
The Archbishop of Brisbane, Mark Coleridge, has unveiled plans to hold an historic plenary council of the entire Catholic Church in Australia. It is to be held in 2020, only the fifth time in Australia’s history, and 79 years after the previous plenary council meeting.
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 "The parish is the presence of the Church in a given territory, an environment for hearing God’s word, for growth in the Christian life, for dialogue, proclamation, charitable outreach, worship and celebrationThe parish is .. a sanctuary where the thirsty come to drink in the midst of their journey, and a centre of constant missionary outreach"
(Pope Francis, The Joy of the Gospel, 28)
Click here for a list of the presenters and exhibitors at the 27 August 2016 Reimagining Parish Services Expo.    
Catholic Social Services Victoria acknowledges the Traditional Custodians and their Elders in each of the Communities where we work.

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