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Each year the Catholic Church marks 1 January as a World Day of Peace, and each year the Pope issues a major statement to help build peace in the world. Pope Francis’ statement for 2015, No longer slaves, but brothers and sisters, focuses on slavery.

A number of our members use the services of social enterprises, including café and catering service, and landscaping and grounds management.  Some members also provide such services.  In supporting these enterprises, we are also supporting the people and the programs that they support.

Click here for a copy of the submission by the Interchurch Criminal Justice Taskforce on rehabilitation and reintegration of prisioners in Victoria. These are key issues for all converned with our criminal justice system and the building of a safer and more just Victoria.

As we draw near to Christmas, we recall that Christians celebrate that our God entered into a new and unique relationship with humankind; that Jesus came to live among us as one of us, to bring the face of God before us in a radically different way.  

The spirit of Christmas, then, is very much one of recognising the value of all people, because our God has identified with each of us in a special way; and has told us that we can find him in each other.  

This has implications for our personal relations, our service to others and our work for a more just and compassionate society.  May the spirit of Christmas renew and strengthen us in these commitments.

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Catholic Social Services Victoria acknowledges the Traditional Custodians and their Elders in each of the Communities where we work.
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