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The Victorian Government has initiated a number of social investment bonds as an innovative way of assisting vulnerable Victorians. At a breakfast briefing on 3 April 2019 Teresa Fels, Director of Social Policy in the Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance, and Catherine Harris, General Manager, Business Development, at Sacred Heart Mission explained this development and how it works.
Addressing the needs of those on the margins should be part of core business for an inclusive economy, where all can flourish. Most Victorians have benefited from unprecedented and sustained economic growth, however, some have not and continue to fall behind, affecting health and wellbeing outcomes. Catholic Social Services Victoria has identified priority areas for further investment in its submission made to the Treasurer for the 2019 Victorian Budget.
"Doing to the least of our sisters and brothers; this is the call and response of charity, the work of grace, and the root of justice."  These were the words spoken by Archbishop Peter Comensoli who led today's Commissioning Mass for Catholic Social Services Victoria. More than 50 representatives from member organisations gathered at MacKillop Family Services today for the Commissioning Mass and Annual General Meeting. Download the Catholic Social Services Victoria 2018 Annual Report here.
Together with Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans (ACRATH), we encourage you to have a slavery-free Easter. Not only does slavery-free chocolate taste delicious, it also means that no enslaved child has been used in the production of the chocolate. You can buy slavery-free chocolate in big supermarkets and smaller shops. The easiest way to tell if your chocolate is slavery-free is to check if it has one of the commonly used certification symbols on the wrapping.
Click here, to find out everything you need to know about how to shop slave-free this Easter.

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Catholic Social Services Victoria acknowledges the Traditional Custodians and their Elders in each of the Communities where we work. Click for our Reconciliation Vision
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