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Join your voice with us and many others to see the rates of pensions and allowances raised so that people in Australia have a safety net they can rely on. This, in turn, will allow social services to assist people to flourish, rather than to just get by.

The Morrison Government’s decision on the future of the Jobkeeper and Jobseeker payments must deliver an outcome that adequately supports those who are vulnerable, Catholic Social Services Australia says. Ursula Stephens, the CEO of the organisation representing dozens of Catholic social service agencies that support hundreds of thousands of Australians each year, says next week’s economic update gives the Government the chance to reset one of the country’s key safety nets.

During this time when nine sites across three public housing estates have been completely locked down in two Melbourne suburbs for public health reasons, it is of vital importance that each one of the 3,000+ residents is treated with respect in regards to their inherent dignity. Public statement released by Catholic Social Services Victoria on 5th July 2020.

“Communities experiencing persistent disadvantage, need long-term and place-based solutions that address the underlying causes of disadvantage”, according to Joshua Lourensz, Executive Director of Catholic Social Services Victoria. “This includes using a strengths-based approach that recognises and harnesses the strengths of the local community and engages the community in the planning and development of solutions to address disadvantage." CSSV has released a report outlining the particular social service and infrastructure needs in the Warrnambool region.

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Catholic Social Services Victoria acknowledges the Traditional Custodians and their Elders in each of the Communities where we work. Click for our Reconciliation Vision
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