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Australians are called to work for an economy that is based on principles of justice and equity – one that is at the service of all, particularly the most vulnerable and marginalised, says the Chairman of the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council, Bishop Vincent Long Van Nguyen. Bishop Long was speaking at the launch of the Australian Catholic Bishops’ 2017–2018 Social Justice Statement, entitled Everyone’s Business: Developing an inclusive and sustainable economy, which is commemorated on the last Sunday of September each year.
Youth justice is at a crossroads in Australia. In every state and territory across the nation, governments are grappling with youth justice issues as they seek to reduce crime, improve community safety and respond to public concern that is being fanned by sensationalised media coverage. In order to inform the discussion, a team of senior staff from Jesuit Social Services undertook an international #JusticeSolutions study tour, travelling to Norway, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States. Following this, Jesuit Social Services launched it's report, #JusticeSolutions Tour: Expanding the Conversation, which summarises the key findings.
The number of people sleeping rough, including those sleeping in parks, on the streets, in cars and derelict buildings, has increased in Victoria in recent years. A subset of the broader population of people experiencing homelessness, those who are on the streets are among the most vulnerable in the state. It's important for all of us to understand the issue of homelessness more deeply so that we can be informed and take part in the political conversation. A recent report, Rough Sleeping in Victoria, provides fresh figures on rough sleeping, compiled over the last two years, which clearly indicates this is an issue that impacts those living in the outer suburbs, as well as in the city centre.

Parishes play an important role in providing support to refugees and asylum seekers. It is a central call of the Gospel to welcome the stranger, and to love our neighbours as Jesus loved. In this light, parishioners are invited to our upcoming evening forum to learn how we can strengthen support provided by parishes on Wednesday 11 October, from 6pm - 8.30pm in the Cathedral Room of the Cardinal Knox Centre. The Forum will discuss practical ways in which you and your parish can make a difference. Please let as many people as possible know about this!

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