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The Victorian Budget included several welcome initiatives that will assist vulnerable and disadvantaged Victorians - More public housing, public school dental care, and focusing on men’s behaviour are among welcome steps - but there are some lost opportunities, and more work remains to ensure that the needs of those on the margins are at the heart of Government priorities. 
As part of this, we urge Departments to ensure that ‘whole-of-government efficiencies’ do not include unexpected cuts in demand-driven funding that social service agencies can ill-afford.

What matters most? Over the past week, Australians have contemplated this very questions as they pondered their future and cast their votes at the federal election. Palliative Care Week calls for Australians to consider once again: What matters most?

May 26 begins a week-long commemoration of significant events in the encounter between Indigenous people and later arrivals in Australia. Sorry Day, which honours the Stolen Generation of Indigenous children stripped from their families, bookends National Reconciliation Week with the Referendum and the Mabo decision that marks its close. The week is one for all Australians to participate in and reflect on.
Our May newsletter is out now. It includes an array of news and information, including the call from Australian Catholic Bishops' Conference for a fair go for low-wage income earners, and an analysis of the federal election result in light of our work with Catholic Social Services Australia in being a voice for those on the margins. There is also a long list of events to mark in the diary, including our annual Catholic Social Services dinner on Friday 30 August. On 8 June we're hosting a housing and homelessness forum for parishes to enable parish communities to practically assist those in need. Get all of the latest news, here.

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Catholic Social Services Victoria acknowledges the Traditional Custodians and their Elders in each of the Communities where we work. Click for our Reconciliation Vision
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