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Catholic agencies in Melbourne, and Archbishop Denis Hart, have called on the Government to allow them to support asylum seekers settle in Victoria rather than send them back to Nauru.  All are invited to a Mass in St Patrick's Cathedral at 11.00am on Tuesday 16 February, to pray in solidarity with those who face deportation.

On 24 February, a public forum at the Australian Catholic University (ACU), Melbourne, will explore how the Catholic Church, through its parishes and organisations, can play a significant role in combating family violence.


There are some special arrangements for groups and people who might find it challenge to get to the conference.
Many of our general community standards of care for older people are not often applied to those in prison.  These include community inclusion, loving care, close contact with family, appropriate physical and social conditions, health care, and respect for the dignity of each person.

Which of these standards should we relax for people in prison?  Which of these can be done away with without undermining the minimum acceptable levels of respect for the human dignity of an older person?  Which of them would we want set aside if an elderly family member were to be incarcerated?

We need to have the conversation.

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