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Effective engagement with the media is essential for those working in Catholic social services. Mobilising Media for Mission and Advocacy, on Friday 28 February, from 2pm-4pm, at the Catholic Leadership Centre in East Melbourne, will be an informative, practical and inspiring forum, involving interaction with media professionals to gain insight into how to engage with the media effectively to advance the mission of Catholic social services, and how to effect powerful advocacy. All welcome!
The opening keynote address at the 2020 Catholic Social Services conference will re-issue Pope Francis’ call to the margins. To be delivered by Francis Sullivan and entitled Margin Call  The Risk of Integrity, the address will present a challenging overview of the state of Australian society and the Australian Catholic Church and explore the root of our calling to serve in ministries of the Church.

"Governance of contemporary Catholic agencies is a challenging and critically important ministry of service," writes Prof. Gabrielle McMullen AM. "Governance-wise, the Church is doing better in some areas than others. Importantly, board directors of Catholic agencies need to be qualified to take responsibility for both the civic and canonical facets of their role and then, through induction and ongoing formation, to be accountable for mission as well as the ‘business’ side of their ministries." McMullen discusses a workshop being led by Emeritus Professor of Political Science at the Australian National University, John Warhurst AO, at the upcoming national Catholic social services conference.

There will be two stand-alone sessions at the upcoming national Catholic social services conference, Serving Communities with Courage and Compassion (26-28 February, Catholic Leadership Centre, East Melbourne), which will be open to the public - everyone is welcome! The first is Beyond Surviving to Truthfully Thriving: Continuing our Journey of Listening in Truth and Justice, and the second is Mobilising Media for Mission and Advocacy.

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