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The VCOSS COVID-19 Sector Bulletin provides advice and resources from reputable sources relevant to the Victorian community sector. The latest bulletin released today, Friday 28th March 2020, includes information about the 'Working for Victoria' scheme, which is trying to address the increased number of unemployed people, and a need for staff in critical services; the NDIS has published a range of information in an Easy Read format; and the team behind Our Community has started an online peer support group on Facebook for people working in Australian not-for-profits. 

"To think of life after COVID-19 is daunting. The changes that it has brought to our daily lives have been vertiginous. Our awareness of its potential harm is still limited. We are only beginning to catch sight of the grim beast that slouches towards us threatening death and devastation in coming months." Andy Hamilton reflects on the impact of COVID-19 in the present, and its implications for the future, in this EurekaStreet article.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announced Stage 1 of a shutdown of non-essential activities across Victoria from midday today, 23 March, including pubs, clubs, nightclubs, Crown Casino, and licensed venues in hotels and pubs. The autumn school holidays will also be brought forward, essentially shutting public schools from 24 March. Victorian Council of Social Services (VCOSS) has provided a detailed list of latest information and resources for those working in community and social services, and for those we serve.

People who experience complex and entrenched disadvantage are being forgotten because of the fallacy of average levels of advantage, a new Catholic Social Services Australia report has revealed. Mapping the Potential, a partnership between CSSA, 21 of its members and the Australian National University’s Centre for Social Research Methods, goes beyond the usual analysis of advantage and disadvantage.

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